Student Research Seminars

M. Banagar: Performance Characterization of Canonical Mobility Models in Drone Cellular Networks

J. K. Devineni: Ambient Backscatter Systems: Exact Average Bit Error Rate under Fading Channels

V. V. Chetlur: Coverage Analysis of a Vehicular Network Modeled as Cox Process Driven by Poisson Line Process

C. Saha: Bandwidth Partitioning and Downlink Analysis in Millimeter Wave Integrated Access and Backhaul for 5G

M. Afshang: Modeling and Analysis of Emerging Trends in Device-to-Device Networks

M. Kishk: Joint Uplink and Downlink Coverage Analysis of Cellular-based RF-powered IoT Network

J. Schloemann: Tractably Characterizing Hearability and Geometry in Cellular Network Positioning