PLCP Book 

Poisson Line Cox Process: Foundations and Applications to Vehicular Networks
Harpreet S. Dhillon and Vishnu Vardhan Chetlur
Morgan & Claypool Publishers
June 2020

Part of the Synthesis Lectures on Learning, Networks, and Algorithms

Link to the book (pdf)
Free access from institutions that subscribe to the “Synthesis Lectures” (such as VT)

Also available here: IEEE Xplore | Amazon | Google Books

Edited Books

6G Book 

6G Mobile Wireless Networks
Y. Wu, S. Singh, T. Taleb, H. S. Dhillon, A. Roy, M. R. Kanagarathinam, A. De (Editors)

Available here: Springer Link | Amazon | Google Books

In Press

  • J. G. Andrews, A. K. Gupta, A. M. Alammouri, H. S. Dhillon, An Introduction to Cellular Network Analysis using Stochastic Geometry. Morgan & Claypool Publishers, in press. Expected publication: 2022.

  • N. Pappas, M. A. Abd-Elmagid, B. Zhou, W. Saad, H. S. Dhillon, Age of Information: Foundations and Applications. Cambridge University Press, in press. Expected publication: 2022. (Edited volume)

In Preparation

  • H. S. Dhillon, C. Saha, M. Afshang, Poisson Cluster Processes: Theory and Applications to Wireless Networks. Cambridge University Press, will be available in 2021.